About me and customer audience . Mistress

Greetings, Luxury appointments, open 7 days a week for video chats and planned Flymetoyous to most suburbs and cities .bdsm mistress or party girl entertainment. Now more about customer base: About you: 40 years and older , Executives or VP , senior managers( no super overweight) or retired . East asian or White Stats of Miss Muse: DD CHEST( natural) Height: 5'2" Eyes:brown Shoes:EU 37, US, 7 Hobbies, life: holistic food, pilates _______________________________________________ More about Miss Muse: Exotic Ethiopian-American and afro latina Jewish woman. No Tattoos. Not big liberal just practical about adult work. Natural DD chest. Slim legs . keep legs/thighs slim . A student. The aim is a small client group, for lasting relationships that help her grow. If Want " nice" go to your grandmas house. Verbal witty, mean woman ___________________________________ Etiquette and FAQS in doing business with Miss Muse When is a good time to call to screen myself? Good question, preplan video chats and in person with Miss Muse. Texting "are you available? Is even worse. haven't even screened and asking if available. Really rare for her to meet someone first time at late at night for safety reasons, video chats late at night are great! Tip: If you have references, state that in e-mail or during call !:) Sissy play? YES Ball kicks? YES Tie my balls? YES What do you accept for down payment?: Another good question. Cashapp payment required for downpayment .
I do not know how to make a website I found the easiest way from escortbook. 

Miss Muse  verse in arts and literature . I have no tattoos and don't believe  in getting tattoos. I have clean chic style when wear every  day attire from upbringing . I'd like a gentlman who appreciates that  with same up bringing who does not have gaudy tattoos.  Men who had kingdoms always had muses in their  lives,  written in history  books.. to be  a seductive  and intellect Muse  is not new .  Besides being a muse I am very traditional every day life and very not into " woke movement"  part of it  , it dismantles feminine  black women and our ideals and femininity in general.


 show you how you can get your taste  by reading the FAQs below

- this is a luxury past time appointment ,treat it as such,  ( texting "hi" ,"hey"  without anything else does not get luxury  results, think and research how to approach 

Imagine what it would  be like, you had a long day as lawyer or real estate closings and want  a woman to lead and have fun with often with special someone.
Or you want to have company firm event and want a domintrix  for the get together. Came to right the place the , give a call  and assistant will help with screening  first  step .